Halloween – The Spookiest Day of The Year


Halloween is believed to be the scariest night of the year on which people say that the spirits wander here and there freely. There are some people as well who say that the children can wander in the neighbourhood trick or treating and cause havoc. It is the one of the most dreadful as well as funniest day where you can have fun with your loved ones. Halloween has always been the time filled with magic, superstition and mystery.


Celebrated on 31st October, Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world. While it is highly popular in North America, it is actually celebrated all across the globe now. There are many stories attached to this day and so let’s discuss just a few of them here.

The myths associated

halloween_customesStingy Jack, as per the Irish myth made it his habit to play tricks on the Devil. As Jack died, God did not want him to be in heaven and so the devil being put off by his nasty tricks would claim Jack’s soul by sending him to roam on earth at night with just a burning coal for the light on the way. Jack then put the coal into a turnip and thus since that time he has been roaming on the earth. This myth was actually brought over by the Irish families fleeing potato famine in 1800s and thus as the turnips were tough to find in the US, pumpkins were the best substitute for these turnips. The pumpkins were used to guide the lose souls and to keep the evil spirits away.

Are Day of the Dead and Halloween the same?

Some people hold the opinion that Day of the Dead is just like Halloween. With its main focus on spooky items and death, it may seem to be similar but these two days are very different. Halloween is indeed much based on fear of spirits and dead but when we talk of the Day of the Dead, on this day, death is celebrated and embraced.

Celebrations and spending

Also, Americans buy more than $2 billion Halloween candies each year and they spend nearly $2.6 billion on the adult and children Halloween costumes. They even spend $300 million on dressing up the pets and $360 million on Halloween greeting cards and stuff.

Costumes culture

The Halloween costumes of earlier times were actually made to highlight the characters from the popular cultures. Most costumes were made at home only. In many cases, people used to make the costumes from the meek stuff like wires and newspapers. The popular costumes used in earlier times included Disney characters, cats, dogs, bats, Little Bo Peep and others. There were even fire fighter and policemen customers that were worn to represent some important figures of the society.

Spiders, black cats, bats are all symbols of Halloween due to their spooky nature, history and their link with the Wiccans. All these animals were believed to be familiar of the middle ages witches and are generally linked with bad omen.

So, with such details about Halloween, you may be able to celebrate the day with much fun and details now.

Achievements In Robotic Technology


Everyone loves a robot story and so whether the robots are smart, cuddly, intimidating or scary, they don’t fail to gain attention of all. These robots range from the older technology ones to completely new inventions and even the futuristic concepts which have not been made yet. So, let’s just take a look at the achievements in robotic industry and the most awesome robot advances of all times.

Robotics is basically the engineering technology and science of the robots as well as their design, application, structural disposition and manufacture. The field is somewhat related to mechanics, software and electronics. Robots are the automatically guided machines that are able to perform the tasks on their own, almost due to electronically programmed inputs. Another main trait of the robots is that through their movement or appearance, the robots generally convey the intention of their invention.

Here we bring some great robotic achievements for you.

Human consciousness robot

robotsAs the proficiency and innovation in robotic programming grows manifold, so does the need to create something which is almost like a human. Bina48 is the robot which is endowed with personality of a human being. Human Bina actually spend various hours with the robot Bina to have conversations and to upload the memories and traits to robot’s head. The project is work of Terasem Movement, the organization which seeks preventing finality of death through permitting the human beings to store consciousness in technology so that there it can live on forever.

Mobile Robot

The mobile robots are featured with the ability to move in their environment and thus they are not fixed to a single location. An instance of mobile robots that are in common use these days are the automated guided vehicles. These vehicles are the mobile robots which follow wires or markers in floor or use the lasers or vision.

Robotic weight loss coach

Losing weight is not a simple thing but it is more challenging when you do it on your own. The Autom, the big eyed robot is there to know everything about you and she helps as a weight loss robotic coach. She asks you questions about your daily food consumption and activities. Then she gives you some tips on how to stay and get healthy. Autom basically works on the philosophy that the humans are more likely to fulfil their goals when they have some friend or coach to keep them on track.

Tele-presence robot

Last but not least, the tele-presence or tele-existant robot lets you to see, feel and hear the environment even when you are physically far away. The tactile gloves and head mounted 3D screen work to transmit three senses, thereby giving users an unprecedented data that can be used for a wide variety of practical uses and applications.

So, these are a few advancements made in the field of robotics technology. Various other robots have been created as well that work different than the normal robots. These robotic achievements let us know the advancements we have made in the field of technology.

World’s Weirdest Phobias


Phobias are common and a lot of people suffer from one or the other kind of phobia these days. People generally have fear of various things and so, the fear of a particular thing is called as a “phobia”. Apart from usual phobias that people face like fear of heights, water etc. there are many unusual or strange phobias that you may not be aware of. We have a list of the top 5 strange phobias you should know.


phobias_smallIt is the fear to sit down. This disorder may be related to or caused by physical abuse if you sit on some painful or sharp object or receive punishment during your childhood. Such a phobia arises in people who have fear of sitting between influential and rich people. Cathisophobia people deal with short and heavy breaths, anxiety and sweating when trapped in a situation of sitting down.


Obviously some dinner talks and conversations may be awkward but there are some people who get much terrified just from the thought of speaking to other people over dinner and so they try to avoid such dining situations. In earlier times, there were some rules of etiquette which helped people to deal with such a kind of situations but not now. In today’s times where formality and rules are not considered much important, it is now possible that more controlled nature of dinner may lie behind such a phobia.


It is the fear of evil or demons. People who believe and feel that there are supernatural things or evil spirits in the world, they are the ones who suffer from this type of a phobia as such people believe that the demons may cause harm to them. Thus, people become highly terrified of even talking about demons and they get scared if there is dark in the room or when there is nobody else in the room.


sleep phobiaSomniphobia includes excessive or irrational fear of sleeping. The people suffering from this phobia may fear of falling asleep as they associate sleeping with dying. It even results in getting the feeling of getting nightmares or losing control over oneself. These people even fear that they may lose time if they go off to sleep.


Taking bath regularly is a necessary form of maintaining hygiene. But for people who face ablutophobia, they don’t believe in cleaning or washing and taking a bath terrorizes them. This phobia should however not be confused with the fear of cleanliness. The phobia of cleanliness involves the person dreading the process of cleaning. It is generally seen that children and women facing emotional instabilities face such a kind of phobia.

So, these are the weirdest phobias that people face. Phobias may be caused due to some life experiences or even developed over a lifetime. A blend of behavioural therapy along with prescribed medication can help the patients to conquer the phobias. It is also seen that such people are made open to repeated situations in which they fear so as to make them accustomed to such scenarios and to overpower their phobias.

5 Unknown Facts about Ancient Times

roman shopping mall_feature

roman shopping mallMost of us think about Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, China, and other great empires of the past, the moment we hear ancient history. While it is true that these empires have a great history, there are many other interesting facts about the ancient world that has a tremendous influence on the daily life in the world today.

Here are 5 facts that you probably don’t know.


#5: The Celts Were Not Barbarians

The Greco Roman writers and historian always described the Celts as uncivilized barbarians for their practice of human and animal sacrifice. However, it is affirmed that the Greeks and Romans sacrificed animals and sometimes human to their gods, long before the Celts did. The slaughters perpetrated by the Romans turned out to be more cruel and barbaric than the Celt.


#4: Chinese were the first to measure Earthquakes

The western world takes the credit of inventing the seismograph-but the truth is different. A Chinese astronomer, Zhang Heng invented the first instrument for monitoring earthquakes back in A.D. 130. So the grandfather of the modern day seismograph is Zhang Heng, though he doesn’t usually get much appreciated for it.


#3: Original “Aryans” were Persians

The Persians are usually portrayed as non-Caucasian people, while Persians have always considered themselves as the original Aryans. The word “Iran” actually means “Land of the Aryans”, in the Persian language. The first people to unify Iran around the 6th BC were the Medes, who were of Aryan origin.


#2: Love Potions & Revenge Spells

J.K.Rowling has always taken the credit for familiarising the masses to the love portion and spells with her Harry potter series. While (hold your breath and be ready to be shocked!) the ancient Egyptians loved magic and enjoyed love- they decided to combine the two and create their own love portion and these portions were quite specific to the situations and casted spells on their tombs assuring that anyone who entered and disturbed the remains pay for their crimes.


#1: Romans Invented the Shopping Mall

The first ever shopping mall was built by the Roman Emperor Trajan in Rome. This building structure consisted several stories and accommodated more than 150 outlets that sold everything from food and drink to clothes and home needs. It was named after the Emperor Trajan and it is evidently the world’s first “Modernized” shopping mall.


5 phrases to help stop depression based suicides

standing on a ledge

standing on a ledgeDepression can be an all out battle to anyone. It affects a person both physically and emotionally. The main reason why this battle has to be won come what may, is because depression has been a major cause for suicides among young people today. Luckily there are scientists and medical experts who can give us simple but effective solutions to such obstacles. For instance, here are just five things you can say to a depressed person to save their lives:

“I’m here for you”

Sounds so small and ineffective, doesn’t it? But according to health experts, turns out this phrase can go a long way in relieving depression even just for a little moment. The magic will really work if you say and then take a step further by showing “you are really there for them”. If you are a friend or family member or have any kind of strong influence on the victim, being less judgemental can really help. Try helping them in usual tasks such as taking medications or sticking to a daily healthy routine.

“You’re not alone”

Because depression can feel like driving along a highway to hell, it’s important especially as a family member or a friend to remind the victim that they are not alone in the vehicle. That it’s only temporary and you are right there with them. Tell them it’s you and them against the depression and you are sure going to win.

“This is not your fault”

Victimization is a dangerous stage of depression. Often the victim tends to think that what they are going through are as a result of their own doing. Explain to them that it’s just like getting flu; it’s really no one’s fault.

“I’ll go with you”

In case there are therapy sessions or doctor appointments, avail yourself to go with them. Do not assume, but rather make the victim realize that what they are going through is treatable.

“What can I do to help?”

Offering to do anything with the affected also helps to relieve depression. Things that will ensure the victim maintains their daily balance such as eating, sleeping and exercising.

One important thing to say is by your actions. This will let the person know that you are really not giving up on them and you are there for them.

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