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How Does A Quorum Explorer Work?

With blockchains such as Quorum finding more and more applications across industries, there is a pressing need for a reporting tool to work with the data. The Quorum Explorer consists of two elements - a dashboard and the blockchain analyzer. The dashboard offers the user a streamlined interface which gives ready access to different options like legit online casinos that pay real money blocks, latest transactions, and more. The blockchain analyzer is a localized search engine that enables the user to access stored data using different sorting parameters.

Quorum Explorer Functions

Presently, we offer the following function on our robust Quorum Explorer solutions:

  • Block List

    View all legit online casinos that pay real money blocks mined as well as track old blocks in real-time.

  • Transaction List

    Check details of p.svgublic and private transactions executed on the network.

  • Address List

    Audit the history and transactions associated with any address.

  • Smart Contract List

    Survey the different contracts deployed in the blockchain.

 Quorum Explorer Function

Analytics Integrations

We also offer a premium data analytics function that can be customized to collect information based on the metrics provided by you. Contact us for more details.

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Advantages of Quorum Explorer

Advantages of Quorum Explorer

Using our solution offers you the following benefits:

  • Speed

    Pull records of blocks, transactions, and more in an instant.

  • Ease

    Examine all data in a user-friendly and streamlined fashion.

  • Accessibility

    Manage data storage on your network without any hassle.

Why Work With Us?

Blockchain App Factory is a leading technology solutions provider. We have worked with several industry leaders and launched many successful projects. We offer 100% white-labeled and customizable solutions that give you a competitive advantage. Our team comprises of top developers who integrate the latest trends into all of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are working towards enhancing and integrating legit online casinos that pay real money filter metrics to the explorer. Follow us on our social media pages to get updates on the latest additions.

Yes, you can easily integrate our free solution to manage your Quorum blockchain effectively.

We offer a paid version of the Quorum Explorer that doubles up as a data analytics tool as well. You can customize the service to track data based on the parameters of your choice. Contact us to know more.

Software such as Node.js and PHP were used to develop the Quorum Explorer.

Plans for building explorers for other blockchain networks is in our development pipeline. Contact us to know more!

Quorum FAQs

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