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How often do you think about what is next to your skin? Personally I haven’t thought that much about it, the only time it really crosses my mind is when I grab a sweater this time of year and then the first thought is great I’m going to be itchy all day. Then I received information from Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark that got me thinking a little more about our laundry.

You see, some conventional laundry detergent manufacturers add what is called an optical brightener to their products. What does this do for you? It creates the illusion that your clothes are cleaner and brighter.  That’s all and good except according to scientific research, these can cause allergic reactions, and are toxic to small fish and other aquatic life.

Seventh Generation doesn’t use optical brighteners in their products and they´re also non-toxic. In addition, because Seventh Generationliquid laundry detergents are both hypo-allergenic and biodegradable they are a good choice for your family and the environment.

At their suggestion I did a little home experiment. I washed identical shirts using my conventional laundry soap and Seventh Generation laundry soap, then I placed them under a black light to check if they glowed. (The glow is caused by the optical brightener) See the picture below.

When washed in a conventional laundry detergent that contains optical brighteners, clothes appear to glow under a black light. When you use Seventh Generation liquid laundry products, you won´t see the same glow on your clothing. 

MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation are giving away to one of our lucky reader a set of their laundry products.

Additionally, everyone can click here to save $1 on the purchase of any Seventh Generation Laundry Product.

Giveaway Guidelines:

This giveaway will be open until November 17th at 10 p.m. CST! Please leave a seperate comment for each entry!

  1. Visit Seventh Generation, come back HERE and tell us something you learned about their products.
  2. Become a Subscriber to It’s A Blog Party (half way down in sidebar)
  3. Follow  It’s A Blog Party on Twitter 
  4. Tell us how you protect your family and the environment.
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  6. Join  It’s A Blog Party’s Blog Frog Community, Start or join a Discussion on tips to keep your family healthy, and/or add a reply (1 entry each, separate comment please)

Winner anounced November 18th and will have 48 hrs to respond.

For more information about Seventh Generation laundry products, please visit, or sign up for their newsletter at Be sure to visit Seventh Generation on Facebook and on Twitter to “Like” and “Follow”, so that you can keep up with the latest news from Seventh Generation.

It’s A Blog Party was provided Seventh Generation products for our review, the opinions are our own. Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark is providing It’s A Blog Party with Seventh Generation Products to giveaway to one lucky reader. For more information on It’s A Blog Party policy, please visit my Disclosure Page.

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82 Responses to “Seventh Generation Laundry Products Giveaway”

  1. Sarah Anderson says:

    I protect my family and the environment by keeping driving to a minimum. We typically take care of our errands and outings locally and combine them for fewer trips which reduces our carbon footprint and saved on the gas bill.


  2. Sarah Anderson says:

    I like It’s A Blog Party on Facebook.


  3. Sarah Anderson says:

    I joined your It’s A Blog Party Blog Frog community.


  4. Sarah Anderson says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter.


  5. Sarah Anderson says:

    I follow It’s A Blog Party on Twitter.


  6. April K says:

    I get your newsletters.
    April K´s last [type] ..Coachs Oatmeal


  7. April K says:

    I follow It’s a Blog Party on Facebook.
    April K´s last [type] ..Coachs Oatmeal


  8. April K says:

    We try to keep our car parked as much as possible and bike ride to where we need to go We make sure to recycle and I have gone natural with our cleaners at home.


  9. Ann Moore says:

    I had not heard about the optical brighteners.


  10. Ann Moore says:

    I follow you on twitter


  11. Ann Moore says:

    I follow you on Facebook


  12. Ann Moore says:

    We try to conserve water as often as possible.


  13. Ann Moore says:

    I started a discussion about


  14. Ann Moore says:

    You are followed on facebook as well.


  15. Maria says:

    Didn’t know that opitcal brightners are chemical ingreidents put in detergent.


  16. Maria says:

    I follow blog party on FB


  17. Maria says:

    I subscribe to blog party


  18. Krystal says:

    I protect my family and the environment by:
    recycling any and everything we can
    using chemical-free personal, household and laundry products
    keeping electricity usage to a minimum
    conserving water, especially while doing dishes and taking showers

    I also try to protect other families by passing on what I’ve learned about recycling/conserving to friends, whether they want to hear it or not.


    Krystal Reply:


    P.S. Totally forgot that I take reusable bags everywhere I go, as well as reusable produce bags for the grocery. Duh! This is one of my favorite things to do, and I forgot about it. :p


  19. Krystal says:

    I subscribe to It’s a Blog Party.


  20. Krystal says:

    I “Like” It’s a Blog Party on Facebook.


  21. Krystal says:

    I learned that they offer recycled trash bags, which is super cool since trash bags are so very wasteful.


  22. Lyra Schroeder says:

    I liked seeing how much oil is saved by switching! That’s fantastic!


  23. Lyra Schroeder says:

    I’m subscribed to it’s a blog party


  24. Lyra Schroeder says:

    I LOVE walking anywhere I can…pity it’s getting too cold to be taking the kids for a walk to store now!


  25. Lyra Schroeder says:

    I follow it’s a blog party


  26. Lyra Schroeder says:

    I “like” it’s a blog party


  27. Lynn Kutz says:

    The Free & Clear Chlorine-Free Bleach has not been tested for its antimicrobial properties so they don’t recommend it as a disinfectant or sanitizer.


  28. Lynn Kutz says:

    I protect your family and the environment by recycling wherever possible and pre-cycling (buying items with less packaging to begin with)
    Lynn Kutz´s last [type] ..20 off any Two-Hour Service when you use my moneysaver coupon- http-wwwmoneysaveronlinecom-storage-ms0910-osh-MobileMassageCouponpngThis coupon expires Nov 30- 2010


  29. Victoria W. says:

    Learned how many barrels of oil could be saved if everyone in the US would buy just one bottle of the Seventh Generation Laundry detergent—-WOW!!


  30. Victoria W. says:

    I Fanned It’s A Blog Party on Facebook!!


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