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Halloween – The Spookiest Day of The Year


Halloween is believed to be the scariest night of the year on which people say that the spirits wander here and there freely. There are some people as well who say that the children can wander in the neighbourhood trick or treating and cause havoc. It is the one of the most dreadful as well as funniest day where you can have fun with your loved ones. Halloween has always been the time filled with magic, superstition and mystery.


Celebrated on 31st October, Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world. While it is highly popular in North America, it is actually celebrated all across the globe now. There are many stories attached to this day and so let’s discuss just a few of them here.

The myths associated

halloween_customesStingy Jack, as per the Irish myth made it his habit to play tricks on the Devil. As Jack died, God did not want him to be in heaven and so the devil being put off by his nasty tricks would claim Jack’s soul by sending him to roam on earth at night with just a burning coal for the light on the way. Jack then put the coal into a turnip and thus since that time he has been roaming on the earth. This myth was actually brought over by the Irish families fleeing potato famine in 1800s and thus as the turnips were tough to find in the US, pumpkins were the best substitute for these turnips. The pumpkins were used to guide the lose souls and to keep the evil spirits away.

Are Day of the Dead and Halloween the same?

Some people hold the opinion that Day of the Dead is just like Halloween. With its main focus on spooky items and death, it may seem to be similar but these two days are very different. Halloween is indeed much based on fear of spirits and dead but when we talk of the Day of the Dead, on this day, death is celebrated and embraced.

Celebrations and spending

Also, Americans buy more than $2 billion Halloween candies each year and they spend nearly $2.6 billion on the adult and children Halloween costumes. They even spend $300 million on dressing up the pets and $360 million on Halloween greeting cards and stuff.

Costumes culture

The Halloween costumes of earlier times were actually made to highlight the characters from the popular cultures. Most costumes were made at home only. In many cases, people used to make the costumes from the meek stuff like wires and newspapers. The popular costumes used in earlier times included Disney characters, cats, dogs, bats, Little Bo Peep and others. There were even fire fighter and policemen customers that were worn to represent some important figures of the society.

Spiders, black cats, bats are all symbols of Halloween due to their spooky nature, history and their link with the Wiccans. All these animals were believed to be familiar of the middle ages witches and are generally linked with bad omen.

So, with such details about Halloween, you may be able to celebrate the day with much fun and details now.