6 Ways That AI Is Incredibly Helping Defeat COVID-19 Outbreak

The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), officially named as COVID-19 by the WHO, has spread to more than 120 prompting the WHO to declare the disease as a global pandemic. In response to this virus, many countries leaned on their strong technology sector and specifically artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and technology to track and fight the pandemic. Encouraged by it, the startups related to engineering and technology are collaborating with academics, clinicians, and officials from the government form all over the world to utilize technology in the best way possible.

Here we will discuss some ways that AI against COVID-19 is going to stand up for a revolutionary change.

1: AI to identify, track and forecast outbreaks

COVID-19 Outbreak

In order to fight the virus, we have to track it first. AI can help in detecting an outbreak by analyzing new reports, social media platforms, and government documents. An AI program from BlueDot, a Canadian startup already warned of the pandemic threat days before the public warning was issued by the World Health Organization.

2: AI to help diagnose the virus

Companies like Infervision and Alibaba have launched an AI-powered diagnosis system that helps front-line healthcare workers in detecting and monitoring the disease efficiently.

3: Process healthcare claims

The business divisions and administrative institutes are being taxed as well to deal with the rising numbers as well as clinical operatives and healthcare departments. Ant Financial has as well, has offered a blockchain platform to speed up the processing and provide remarkable reductions face to face interaction between medical staff and people suffering from or suspected of the infection.

4: Drones deliver medical supplies

One of the most important and hard tasks during the pandemic outbreak is to ensure the medical supplies within the impeccable timing and reliable safety, and drones can be a great help in that case.

Drone Delivered Health Care Supplies Are A Huge Progress During COVID-19 Pandemic

Terra Drone,  a Japanese company is utilizing its UAV system in China to carry the supplies to the quarantine, deliver medical samples and medical help to take down the plague. They are also used for thermal imaging, patrol public places and ensure safety measures.

Tunisia deploys police robot on lockdown patrol

5: Develop drugs

The latest AI algorithms from Google’s DeepMind divisions are used to understand the proteins that make up the and its structure, publishing the findings to gather all the medical minds to help them find a cure for the disease.

6: Supercomputers working on a coronavirus vaccine

Researchers are availing the supercomputers and cloud computing resources form several tech giants such as Huawei, DiDi, and Tencent to speed up the development of a vaccine or cure that could help defeat the virus.

With the advancement and excessive use of technology, artificial intelligence, and data science they have become critical in helping societies to effectively deal with an outbreak.

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