Upcoming Barbaros TV series, a retake on Pirates Of Caribbean

The last year was a blast in time, and before we saw it leave, nothing in the world was as before. One of many things that we saw changing, was the stirring revolution surging through popular culture, mostly triggered by Dirlis: Ertugrul. Which led to the mass production of many other works from the East, setting new trends in media and digital narrative. One of those works is the upcoming Turkish series Barbaros, depicting the adventures of Hayreddin Barbarossa (اردو/عربی/فارسی: خیرالدین باربروس).

Who was Hayreddin Barbarossa?

The series will tell the tales of Captain Hayreddin Barbarossa, an admiral in the Ottoman navy who lived such a legendary life that inspired almost every pirate story that we know today. Born Khidr in Lesbos, grew up to become a corsair under the command of his elder brother, Oruç Rais. The brothers’ duo also liberated Algiers from Spain in 1516. Upon the death of Oruç, Khidr inherited his brother’s nickname Barbarossa, which is Italian for “The Red Beard”. When he captured a fortress called Peñón of Algiers from the Spanish forces, Ottoman Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent declared to initiate the support for Hayreddin Barbarossa and eventually appointed him Kapudan Pasha (Captain of the Sea) for the Ottoman Navy. Conquering Tunis for Suleiman The Magnificent was also one of his brightest achievements.

Where did we see this character before?

Of course, portraying him mostly as a villain, and other times an ambivalent is the usual practice in Western Media and Hollywood. Most of us got to know the character for the first time in Pirates of Carribean: The Curse of Black Pearl as Hector Barbosa, the archnemesis to Cap’n Jack Sparrow (Who was also known historically as Jack Bird, or Jack Birdie, later turned Muslim and known as Yusuf Raïs)

Hector Barbassa from Pirates of Caribbean was inspired by Khairuddin Barbaros

The character also appeared in the superhit Turkish series The Magnificent Century already once before. Barbarossa’s character was depicted fairly and played by actor Tolga Tekin.

Who is in the cast?

Among the confirmed actors, Ulaş Tuna Astepe will play the character of Hayreddin Barbarossa whereas the Engin Altan Düzyatan will play Oruç Rais. Erhan Ünlütürk is also among the confirmed actors to star in the series.

When is the series coming?

The production of the series is still going on. However, there has been no confirmation about the series premiere date. The expected time for the series to hit screens is mid-March 2021.

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