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Benefits of Immigration And How It Can Help Save The World

Immigration is a process in which a person is forced to leave his country or birthplace to earn his living abroad or within the country. We will discuss the motives and benefits of immigration abroad. There are 3 main reasons to save immigration.

1. Population bust

Population bust will be a major problem in the upcoming years and it will be more severe than the black plague of Europe which took almost 20 million lives. Now there will be an apocalyptic type situation in modern China, Europe, Japan, and many Asian countries. They will face a large number of old people who cannot support the capitalism agenda anymore. There will be a shortage of workforce in major countries. This population bust cannot be reversed because of women’s share in the workforce. The modern woman cannot be confined indoor anymore in this era. Capitalism has given them a purpose in life to work and earn their living by themselves. It’s not a bad thing but it is not a good thing either. Capitalism is a purely patriarchal system and treats a woman as a machine. Machine for making money by exploiting their wishes and bodies. The woman in the industrial sector has very fewer benefits like maternity leave, paternity leave, etc. They need work and there can be only one thing. Work or baby. Most women prefer to work in this condition and cannot fulfill motherhood. They find a prince charming which is busy incorporate slavery-like them. The relationship is made and broke like strings. They only want to be physical with no strings attached. This system discourages women to rely on someone. So there is less and less woman giving birth every year and mentality cannot be changed unless your government is Taliban and order you to make babies forcibly.

Benefits of Immigration

Immigration can solve this problem because culturally foreigners make more babies and can stabilize the economy.

2. Skilled Labor

One who leaves his country behind looking for opportunities abroad can have a wide range of skills which can be very useful for the economy. For example, immigrants from China, India, and most southwest Asian countries have a large number of skills in technology and can be used for the betterment of the economy.

Benefits of Immigration

3. Saving culture

Most foreigners who come from poor countries can be intrigued by the culture they see abroad and tries to use it instead of opposing it. They don’t want to force their culture on natives. This can be an opportunity for natives to spread their culture and keep it alive. This point is connected to the first point.

Benefits of Immigration

Immigration can save China, Japan, and Europe from a coming apocalypse of Old age. America and Canada are already doing it by accepting immigrants.

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