Dirilis Osman Trailer Is Here For The First Time

We watched Diriliş Ertugrul completing its glorious run for five seasons and we waited for months waiting for Dirilis Osman AKA Diriliş Ertugrul Season 6. And the trailer we have breathlessly been waiting for is finally here.

dirilis osman

Diriliş Ertugrul, the series based on the father of the great Osman Gazi, won our hearts with reviving the Islamic Golden ages and telling stories of our heroes that had been unsung for a very long time. It was aired in more than 17 countries and was loved by the people of more than 49 countries of all regions and religions. In 2018 it was announced that the series will have a spinoff based on the life of Osman Gazi himself. And according to the latest development, it turns out that the name of the series will be Kuruluş Osman.

ATV issued the trailer however the release date is not confirmed. Previously, according to the sources, the series was to premiere in late September or early October but obviously we do not have a date yet.

The creator of Diriliş Ertuğrul, Mehmet Bozdağ tweeted on his account that the extremely anticipated Kuruluş Osman’s trailer would be published. The first images came from the trailer of the series, which was previously named as Dirilis Osman and later changed to Kuruluş. The trailer, which was broadcasted on Twitter as well as the official site of ATV on Wednesday, October 9, excited the audience. 

In the first trailer, Osman Bey, with his horse through the fog, comes to his father Ertuğrul Bey’s tent and walks decisively to it. When he opens the door, he sees the throne waiting for his owner between the beams of light. On the throne are the starboard, the pusat, and on the rahne are the Holy Quran. The Surah Al-Fatah page is open in the Holy Quran. As Osman moves towards the throne, the ground shakes. Sheikh Edebali in the external voice tells him good news and the principality of the world that he will establish power. Sycamore tree, which represents the state of the world which will be established by Osman and will be spread to the world by his generation, appears. Osman, kneeling and turning his head to the sky, sees the crescent and surrenders to Allah. When you look at the board again, the board is empty. Sancak, pusat and the Holy Quran are engraved on Osman’s heart.

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