Ian Somerhalder At War With Vampires In The V-Wars Trailer

The Vampire Diaries veteran Ian Somerhalder has been a vampire for eight years. He returned to another vampire show called V-Wars, but this time as a vampire-hunter instead in the V-Wars trailer. The actor who previously played the fan-favorite character, Damon Salvatore was cast for the lead role in the upcoming tv series V-Wars, based on the comic book of the same name.

V-Wars Trailer

The Netflix original show is to air on December 5, 2019, featuring Adrian Holmes (Skyscraper) Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) Peter Outerbridge (Murdoch Mysteries) along with Ian Somerhalder.

Ian as Damon Salvatore

Ian Somerhalder previously played a “crazy, impulsive vampire in love with his brother’s girl” called Damon Salvatore who would give anything to stay a vampire forever. However, on the upcoming show, he plays Dr. Luther Swann whose very best friend has been infected with a fast-spreading disease, turning humans into rabid parasites. There is a war coming that he must fight to save his friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes).

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