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Eddie Hall Trolls Pakistani Hulk ‘Khan Baba’ By Recreating His Videos

Khan Baba The Pakistani Hulk

In the past few years, Khan Baba has posted videos and images of himself showing incredible strength. Khan Baba thought to have a legit challenge and own the spot of the most muscular Man alive.

He recently claimed to be the most muscular Man in the world and called out Eddie Hall and said he would go for a 600kg deadlift. But in response, Eddie Hall trolled Khan Baba, which went viral over social media.

the pakistani hulk khan baba

Eddie Hall Trolls Khan Baba

For those who don’t know, Eddie Hall is the first Man in history to lift a deadlift of 500 kg; on the other than, Khan Baba promised that he would defeat Eddie by 100 kg in the deadlift.


But what Khan Baba said, here’s to look at:

“So this is my world’s strongest Man Khan Baba and I am here today to react to Eddie Hall. Whenever he posts, he says, “I am the world’s strongest man,” “I am the beast,” and this and that. I lift more than all of you guys, and I do things you cannot do. This is not just strength when you win a competition and call yourself “World’s Strongest Man” No, in our country, we call that Man the strongest who has power and can fight, run, and do anything. Deadlift record, I am coming for that. I am lifting 600 kg as soon as possible. If I didn’t pick up 600 kg, I would never call myself the Strongest Man in the world. You will never see Khan Baba again.”

There have been various speculations regarding Pakistani Khan. Is he a fraud and what’s stopping him from wrestling?

Until now, Khan Baba has never competed in any of the deadlifting competitions and if it takes place, it would be the first in the history of lifting.

Eddie Intimidated Khan Baba’s Video As A Response

In response, Eddie Hall did a mockery video where he recreated Khan Baba’s videos and trolled him over social media.

Not only that, but Eddie Hall also accepted his challenge by replying to his comment.

Let’s wait for the mega battle where two giants collide and claim the title of the World’s Strongest Man on earth.

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