Moving On From What Aches In The Heart? Why and How?

Moving on means that you don’t concern yourself with the past. Moving on basically means that you learn to believe in the power of now, you tend to focus more on the things that matter in the present.

“What need is there to weep over parts of life, the whole of it calls for tears.” These words came out of Seneca’s mouth when he was sentenced to death by Nero. He didn’t deserve to die but he accepted his fate gracefully. We must master the art of enduring what cannot be cured.

W believe that past ceases to matter once we start focusing on “Present.” The past is irrevocable. Why would a wise Man ever try to focus on the things that he cannot possibly change? Isn’t it better to stay in the present moment? Invoking past means invoking guilt, regret, and remorse. Jumping into the realms of the future means jumping into the realms of anxiety. Human is too obsessed with “what was” and “what will be” when all we have to focus on is “what is”, this present moment is all that we have.

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This is perhaps what Buddha meant by Nirvana. That’s the essence of all religions. Past and future are undoubtedly the most powerful illusions that our mind has the ability to create. Basically, past and present are the figments of psychological time and it is obligatory for humans to shatter these illusions.

This is the only way we can enjoy the beauty of this present moment. Why don’t we understand that this moment is fleeting too? We are so overwhelmed by the illusions of past and future that habitually ignore the blissful “now”. We can enjoy this present moment once we accept that all we have is “now”. All that matters is “now”. So, believe in the power of Now.

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