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A few days ago every Muslim in the world was waiting for the Salahuddin series which was signed by Turkish film production Akli films and Pakistan film production company Ansari shah films. And everyone was waiting for who will play the role of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. Some people are arguing that main role should play by Pakistani actor and other are saying that Turkish actor will perform better. So in this blog, I will provide you the latest and authentic news about this series which include the number of season of this series, total episode of one season, what is the purpose behind this series and when it will appear on tv.

Who Are Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

Sultan Salahudin Ayubi was a Kurd who was born in the Irani city of Tikrit. He was also known as conquerer-al-Aqsa who he conquered in 1138. The British prince Richard lionheart who was the enemy of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi said that the person whom I respect from the bottom of my heart is sultan Salahuddin Ayubi.

Pakistan And Turkey Join Hands To Produce TV Series On Salahuddin Ayyubi -  The Pakistan Frontier
Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi portrait in Kindom of Heaven

Role of Sultan salahuddin ayubi

So the first news is confirmed that the role of sultan Salahuddin Ayubi will be played by a Turkish actor. The name of the actor is not confirmed yet but it will be revealed very soon.

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Purpose of Series

The purpose of this series Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi is to show the history of our great Muslim heroes to the non-Muslims and turned them into Islam. The series will be focused on Quran, history, and religious harmony and it will be declared that to rule on Islamic empires, Quranic teachings can be used effectively. The Turkish film’s production Akli films have professional experience in making historic series and that experience will work.

Statue of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

Most Muslims know that there is a propaganda war in the drama industry. Pakistani dramas filled with full of the shameless topic that includes extramarital affairs, Zina culture, divorce issues and etc. the Pakistani dramas sponsored by foreign NGOs to break the family system in our society. The only thing that protects Pakistan and Muslim society is our family system and they want to break it. So this series will be a slap on Islamic enemies’ faces. Do you know, every year, Salahuddin day celebrated on 9th June in Norway.

Number of Seasons & Episode

The series will have 3 seasons and every season will consist of 34 episodes.

Opportunity for Fans

In the last, there is good news that Akli films production has announced that there will be open audions for those people who want to work in this series. So Pakistani and Turkish people who have an interest to work in this series can be part of this series.

Release Date

The release of this series is not confirmed yet but the shooting of this series will start at the end of the year 2021 and we can hope that this series will release in the mid of 2022 year.

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