Did they just spot Professor from Money Heist in Pakistan?

Lookalike of money heist’s professor spotted in Pakistan.

One of the most popular Netflix tv shows, Money Heist has come back with the first part of its 5th and final part.

As soon as It was aired, it spread as wildfire and fans took it to social media to share their views about the show. People shared memes, reviews, and spoilers to express their views.

After finding the lookalike of the famous Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actor Bobby Deol’s character in the Netflix series, fanatics of the show have now found another similar face, and this time they have spotted the protagonist of the show, Professor. Money Heist’s Professor has been found selling groceries in Pakistan.
The incident has caught the attention of people and they have taken it to social media to share funny views about the professor.

A look alike of The Professor from Pakistan

The character Professor is played by Spanish actor Álavaro Morte.
Álvaro Morte The actor who played El Professor

Twitterati and people from other social media platforms cannot stop reacting to it.
Where as some might think his next heist will be in Pakistan:

Or maybe he just came here to get some morphine:

Some are even going crazy about a lot of Pakistan references from the show:

The fifth season has five remaining episodes which are set to be aired on December the 3rd of this year. We will not be surprised if fans spot another lookalike of one of the characters.

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