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Revolutionizing Safety: Pak Suzuki Swift Upgrade

In a bold move aimed at enhancing safety standards, Pak Suzuki has recently announced a comprehensive upgrade for all variants of its popular model, the Suzuki Swift. This strategic decision reflects the company’s commitment to providing standardized and top-notch safety features to its valued customers.

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Swift Variants and Pricing

The Suzuki Swift lineup comprises three distinct variants: GL MT, GL CVT, and GLX CVT, each catering to different preferences and driving needs. With prices ranging from Rs. 4.2 million to Rs. 4.9 million, Suzuki Swift has established itself as a reliable and affordable choice in the compact car segment.

Continuous Improvement: Building on GLX Features

A noteworthy aspect of this upgrade is the acknowledgment of the existing features in the GLX variant. While the GLX already boasted advanced features, Pak Suzuki recognizes the importance of continuous improvement. This upgrade builds upon the foundation of the GLX, ensuring a more secure and sophisticated driving experience for Swift enthusiasts.

New Safety Features

The heart of this upgrade lies in the incorporation of eight new safety features, underscoring Suzuki’s commitment to passenger safety. The additions include:

  1. 6 Airbags: Enhancing protection with multiple airbags.
  2. Front and Rear Fog Lamps: Improving visibility in adverse weather conditions.
  3. Headlamp Leveling: Customizable lighting for different driving conditions.
  4. Auto Headlamps: Adding convenience for the driver.
  5. Seatbelt Reminders for All Seats: Ensuring all occupants are safely restrained.
  6. Rear Seat ISOFIX – Child Seat Anchors: Prioritizing child safety.
  7. Underbody Engine Cover: Providing additional protection to vital components.
  8. Change in Emblem Position and Design: Aesthetic enhancement for a refreshed look.

Price Adjustment for Enhanced Safety

While the introduction of these advanced safety features is undoubtedly a significant step forward, it comes with a price adjustment. The prices of the upgraded Swift variants will see an increase of Rs. 80,000, effective from January 1, 2024. This adjustment reflects Suzuki’s investment in ensuring top-notch safety features and an elevated driving experience.

Implications for Consumers

The upgraded Swift, with its enhanced safety features, brings forth several implications for consumers. While the price adjustment may raise eyebrows, it’s crucial to consider the added value in terms of safety. Suzuki aims to strike a balance between providing cutting-edge features and maintaining affordability, making the upgraded variants an attractive option for safety-conscious consumers.


In conclusion, Pak Suzuki’s decision to upgrade all Swift variants is a commendable move towards prioritizing customer safety and satisfaction. The infusion of advanced safety features, though accompanied by a price adjustment, positions the Swift as a more secure and advanced vehicle in its segment. As we approach 2024, potential buyers seeking a combination of reliability and safety should undoubtedly explore the upgraded Swift.


Q: Are these safety features standard in all Swift variants? A: Yes, the upgraded safety features are now standard across all Swift variants.

Q: Why did Suzuki choose to increase the prices? A: The price adjustment reflects the investment made in incorporating advanced safety features for a better driving experience.

Q: Can customers opt for the new safety features individually? A: No, the safety features are bundled together to ensure comprehensive protection for all occupants.

Q: How does the upgraded Swift compare to competitors in the market? A: The upgraded Swift positions itself as a leader in safety features, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Q: Are there any financing options available for the upgraded variants? A: Suzuki dealerships offer a range of financing options to make the upgraded Swift accessible to a wider audience.

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