Samsa Çavuş and Samsa From Dirlis Ertugrul? What’s the difference?

Samsa Çavuş / Samsa Alp [died after 1330.] – Another one of those Gazis blessed with long lives, like Turgut Alp and Abdurrahman Alp/Gazi, whose names and deeds were irrevocably imprinted in the foundation of the Ottoman Empire.

Samsa Alp
Ertugrul Gazi’s Alps From Dirilis Ertugrul

Another one who was graced to live during the lifetimes of all 3 great Gazies: Ertuğrul Gazi, Osman Gazi, and Orhan Gazi.
A hero who first came to Söğüt together with Ertuğrul Gazi and his tribe. He fought with great heroism alongside Ertuğrul Gazi for their mutual beliefs, and to create the conditions for a new State.

Samsa then helped Osman Gazi establish that very same State, and finally stood guard to that State during the reign of Sultan Orhan, till the end of his life. –

[Prof. Dr. A. Şimşirgil], “Aşıkpaşazade Tarihi”; “Çevriyazı: Hfızii Meniikıb u Teviirih-i Al-i Osman”]

His tomb is located in Hacımusalar village near Mudurnu.

[Tevarih-i Al-i Osman]


*Samsa Alp [“Dirilis Ertuğrul”] and *Samsa Çavuş [“Kuruluş Osman”] – are just one and the same person, a one and the same real character from Ottoman history.

Melih Özdoğan, the actor that played Samsa Alp in Dirilis Osman

The confusion was caused by the simple “break of contract”!

Namely, the actor portraying “Samsa Alp” requested to leave Dirilis Ertuğrul Series, So, the producers had to make “Samsa Alp” die. That has made the Turkish audience very angry at the time since they knew the importance of Samsa Alp / Çavuş.
But, the Bozdağ team always meant to introduce Samsa’s character again, since he was an extremely important figure in the creation of a new State, from a historical standpoint. And as such, he could not be ignored.
Thus, they introduced him again in Osman’s series as Samsa Çavuş

Ismail Hakki is portraying his role in Kurulus Osman

So, whoever claims that Samsa Alp (from “Dirils Ertugrul”) did not exist should be reminded that Samsa Alp was Ertugrul’s warrior, in the first place; that he had honed his warrior skills at Ertugrul Bey’s side. [There are many records proving that]

The ÇAVUŞ Title

Samsa was initially an “Alp”, as everyone else was in their early years. He was later the first person (Alp) to adopt the title of “ÇAVUŞ”. So, in a way, he was the founder of that title.

In time, the ÇAVUŞ Title became a military rank within the Ottoman Army.
It can be loosely translated as “Sergeant” in English. However, the position, responsibilities and privileges associated with the title of “Çavuş” are much more complex than those of an ordinary Sergeant.

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  • Well written. I loved Ertugrul series. But it was really sad to see Ismail Hakki leave the show. However, I love the series still. I would recommend anyone reading this comment to watch Barbaroslar as well. That’s one of the greatest series in the world right now.

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