War, Ertugrul Bey Already Here In New Kurulus Osman Trailer

Ertugrul Bey has arrived, the battle is already upon us in the new Kurulus Osman Season 2 Trailer and we are going to see a lot of swords clanging.

kurulus osman the battle

The second trailer for Kurulus Osman was released with a tsunami of thrill and a bulk load of action.

kurulus osman trailer

We can see Tamer Yiğit as Ertugrul Bey arriving at the Kayi Obasi and people chanting “Ertugrul Bey çok yaşa” (Long live Ertugrul Bey).

Seckin Seçkin Özdemir in an undisclosed negative role with evil sparkling out from his eyes.

A a glance at violence and Osman Gazi can be seen fighting a furious battle.

See the trailer for yourself:

When is the release date?

There has not been any confirmed announcement of about the season 2 premiere date. Considering the release of first season, we are expecting it in October or November. According to some rumors, the release date might be September 20 or November 4.

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