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Arabian Peninsula And Its Remarkable Culture

What is the Arabian Peninsula? The Arabian Peninsula is a peninsula of Western Asia, situated northeast of Africa on the Arabian Plate. At 3,237,500 km², the Arabian Peninsula is the.

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Samsa Çavuş and Samsa From Dirlis Ertugrul? What’s the difference?

Samsa Çavuş / Samsa Alp [died after 1330.] – Another one of those Gazis blessed with long lives, like Turgut Alp and Abdurrahman Alp/Gazi, whose names and deeds were irrevocably.

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Hassan-i Sabbāh – Man Behind Hashashin/Order Of Assassins

“If anyone of us ever manages to get access to power, vow that it’ll be his duty, for his life, to help the other two, if they are in need.”.

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