The Assassination of Jesse James (2007) – A Quick Review

There might be spoilers for those who do not know anything about Jesse James. The most notorious Jesse James introduced crime in a different and modernized way. Jesse James’ gang is known as the most wanted gang of American history. Jesse gang robbed almost twenty banks and trains during 1860 and 1882. It is said that Jesse used to stand before a moving train and the pilot had to stop the train out of Jesse’s fear. Jesse’s life would have not been of any interest had he not been killed by his own man Robert Ford (Bob). Bob was so scared of Jesse that he killed him thinking that one day Jesse would kill him. 34 years old Jesse James incredibly became the legend of the Old West after his death.

His gang’s breaking down is quite dramatically shown in the film. The film is crafted beautifully. Both Brad Pitt and Cassey Affleck have done an astonishing job while portraying the characters of Jesse James and Robert Ford respectively. The film shows the fear of Jesse gang especially of Jesse James himself that can be seen from the fact that only one out of 20 robberies is shown on the screen. Jesse fell a prey to his own fear and became a legend through the sympathy of people.

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It’s a bit long, but it’s also deeply rewarding to those who are willing to get on its dreamy, tragic wavelength. While the movie takes its time, each scene is packed with meaning and motivation for why Robert Ford does what he does — so not a moment is wasted. Every aspect (photography, music, acting, direction) makes this a beautiful and haunting film that deserves a place with the best of the best. The movie is easy to watch and hard to turn away from. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a dramatic, emotional movie, with a historical basis.

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