The Greatest Wealth Is Health So Start Earning It

Going through the fastest era, we have lost the sight of what being healthy is, and we normally do not care at all, all we pay attention to is just the economical survival. Sumayya Ali writes a beautifully excerpt on how things actually should be, how the greatest wealth is health.

Life is being alive, wealthy, and healthy. And the greatest wealth is health, Vigil says. In other words, according to a Spanish proverb, someone who cannot look after himself is a mechanic who cannot look after his tools. And health is important if people want happy lives. However, individuals ignore health while running after wealth. Therefore, they experience stress and do not eat at the right time. Hence, health suffers because of the lack of proper food and when someone does not exercise, even if stress increases wealth. Also, money cannot buy health but tonics.

health is wealth

Poor eating habits cause obesity or a stomach ulcer. And heart problems and blood pressure are because of stress and lack of exercise. Moreover, people destroy health gaining wealth, then they have to spend money to become healthy. And everyone should take care of health because healthy individuals actually become wealthy. Also, health is life’s blessings. And Gandhi says that health, not silver or gold is the real wealth. So, people should look after health continuously.

Individuals should eat proper food. And continuous exercise makes them strong. Moreover, to diet, everyone should improve their food intake, but no one should limit food. And Buddha believes that healthy people live in the present earnestly and wisely, but they do not mourn the past. Also, according to an Arabian proverb, healthy individuals have everything because they have hope. Therefore, no one should risk health gathering wealth.

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  • Abdullah Iftikhar March 16, 2020


  • Abdullah Iftikhar March 16, 2020

    Wonderful ❤️

  • what 2 watch April 6, 2020

    i hope pandemic will stop soon.

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