Vow of Always and Forever, in The originals and Real Life Relatability

I think to like someone is not a matter of fact but choice, And love, at first sight, is merely a myth. Life has its very unconditional ways for us to make us follow, appreciate, understand, think and keep stick to the things we want in our life. If you want to keep on living, live. If you wanna stay, stay it’s all a matter of your choice. Just keep busy doing what you wanna do. It’s all about sticking to a vow of always and forever. 

I’ve been so wild to this vow of staying always with family, I always wished for having new people in life to forget all about the past, as the past is always a burden and we’re cursed to stay with it unwillingly, though we cannot forget it we can find ways to overcome it by making new memories. In every moment a choice exists. 

“We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us.”(TO) 

As a matter of fact, we always need someone at our demise to stand at our back and pat us, by blemishing strength to the bond of relationship(family). Because belief is all that we earn. “Let’s make one thing clear, you’ll never have this – loyalty. You can’t buy it, you can’t own it, you can’t force it, it comes only out of love and respect for the people who believe in you.”(TO) 

Since I met new people I wish I could confine myself to a place where I’ve no one but me and my family and all the fun and joy we’d had back in the days of summer in our childhood. 

The irony of the statement here is instead of the hatred we have with our relatives or family we are bound to the vow of ‘always and forever’. So having many differences we all believe in the fact that we are one, and we must share the pain with each other to strengthen the bond. 

So as a matter of choice we are not bound to this vow either. If someone is finding happiness out of this vow, he should be free of making his/her choices, as happiness is not a matter of choice; we need them; they’re necessary ingredients of life. This doesn’t mean that one is stepping back from the vow of ‘always and forever it tells us to have the feelings of forgiveness, you’d be a bit naive when it comes to family relations.

“That’s what family is. It’s the people you’re born to and the people you choose who stand beside you when things get hard.”

The Originals

And if you’re a family ‘trust’ is another trait which should be there as it strengthens the roots of the family. 

“A man can’t be defined by anyone but his trust”.

The Originals

All these are my views after finishing my first ever series, “The Originals”.Actually, it was difficult to digest the ending but its impact will be there always and forever.

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