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Police burn Marijuana (and other drugs), gets the whole town high

Humans, every now and then do things without thinking about the ramifications. This incident just shows how dumb and ludicrous we can be at times. People at the helm of affairs, I mean the ones who hired the person who came up with this bizarre idea must be laughing wildly and scratching their heads concurrently.
The news went like this; The Police in West Jakarta, Indonesia accidentally got people insanely high by burning three tons of marijuana! Not only were they burning cannabis, oh no, the fire included 2538 ecstasy pills and 2 pounds of crystal meth! Basically, they were trying to get rid of the illegal imports in a fire.

A tweet about Marijuana (not so serious) accident

According to reports, the police officers actually anticipated that the fumes created by the burning drugs would be potent and powerful, and they were fully prepared as they wore gas masks. But, it so happened that they somehow forgot to inform locals in the surrounding area. Hence, a plethora of people eventually suffered from dizziness, headaches, and reportedly felt completely high.

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I’m sorry…but WHAT? In what mind did they think this was a good idea? Safe to say everyone got a fix of what it feels like to be beyond the level of high without even knowing what was going on. Can you imagine those poor people? This is how I think every conversation went.
“Hey, do you smell something?”
“Yeah, smells a little funky. Is there a skunk in here?”
“Yeah, we should call pest control?”
“Yo…are you hungry? We should check out that new ramen place.”
“Oh yeah, ramen sounds great right now! With dumplings.”
“Mmm…yeah, dumplings.”
“With Sriracha, a lot of sriracha.”
“Then later we can go buy some Doritos, because of Doritos with dumplings. FIRE!”
“Wait, I think I need a nap. Can we sleep first?”
“Yeah, naps are good. I’m gonna go lie down”
“Let’s just order a pizza.”
“Pineapple and sausage please.”
Yeah, that’s exactly what happened.

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