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What Is Qareen? A Supernatural Creature Mentioned In Quran

What a Qareen is? A supernatural power? A myth? A folk story? As many western shows as well are portraying Qareen as a supernatural species such as popular shows Supernatural, and The Originals spin-off, Legacies. The creature is also known as Hamzad (ہمزاد) in Asian Countries and portrayed in many folk stories, such as Umr o Ayyar series.

Well, there are many beliefs regarding Qareen. They are considered as the duo of Man. The evil phantom engraved in its soul. Their mirror image filed with unholy power. Most probably, the bad side of a human being. They are like human Shadow who never leaves him alone. Maybe, at this time they are sitting beside you seeing you reading about them. Wondering about this creature and thinking that they are always present around you jerks you deeply. You want to know that either they really exist or it’s just a man-made story. Hence, apart from this many people have witnessed that they feel some supernatural power around them, as an unseen gaze is watching them from day to night. In Quran It is said in Surat as Saffat;

          “ A speaker among them will say, ‘Indeed, I had a Qareen”

As Saffat, Quran
Qareen In Marvel Comics
A popular culture depction of Qareen from Marvel Comics

Qareen is a bad spirit whose duty is to betray man from the right path. Every person has its parallel evil spirit. The deep down dark demons of men. It took birth from inside of a man. All his black desires give birth to the creature and then he will stay with him till death. However, it is said that it may get free after death. Then sometimes it is slaved by the people who are involved in black magic. The evil spirit is then used for evil deeds. Qareen exists until man will exist. 

Qareen In Legacies
Qareen portrayed in Legacies

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