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A Woman’s Experience of The Recent Aurat March

So last week I had to visit Islamabad traffic police office. We had to wait outside the office as it was not opened yet. There were a lot of people standing or sitting mostly men and some women as well. As we had some time so instead of standing there we sat on benches that were a bit far from the office. Watching at the crowd I was thinking it’s gonna be a long day GOD knows when my turn will come. Then I saw people swarming around the office as it was opened now and a traffic warden was giving instructions I rushed to the spot but it was already filled with men so I had to stay at the back I was still thinking about time and waiting it’ll take as there was a big crowd ahead of me. Then I heard those magical words from the warden that faded all my worries away at once.

It was announced that women and seniors will enter first. So women easily walked towards the office door it was an “Aurat March” indeed despite being a latecomer I got token number 6 my number was soon called and in 15 to 20 minutes I was free to go not to mention men were still waiting there. As Aurat March fuss had already been started it was in my mind, I noticed a few things. Nobody said a single word that why these women are given this privilege instead very respectfully they let us walkthrough.

Second, all of us women enjoyed this privilege not a single woman said, No we are equal to the man we’ll stand here and wait like them, instead they took this opportunity as there right. What I concluded that it’s a general behavior of our society to give women honor there are no doubt exceptions but mostly I have observed this cult. Even slogan chanting liberal aunties against male chauvinism and gender equality are always quick to take this precedence.

This hypocritical behavior is clear in Marvi Sirmad and Khalil ur Rahman Qamar’s case. Everyone is whining about it , “Aurat k sath batemezi ki Aurat ki izzat nhi ki mafi mango “. Somebody asks them Is respect only a woman’s right to have? What would one do if he’s been humiliated by a shrew-like Marvi Sirmad? Moreover, they want equality so why the fuss on Aurat ki izzat nhi ki? she should be treated like men in this regard. Also if men are being abused and humiliated then why not women who want equality in everything?

This is where they are taking women of Pakistan. My dear sisters, please beware of the consequences of this fitna it’ll take your honor and prestige and you’ll become a commodity and serving tool instead of Rabbat ul bait, queen of the house.

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