Famous Gunslingers

Bill the Kid

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt EarpWyatt Earp was a famous lawman that had the respect of the famous bandits of his time. He travelled across the American frontier from growing cities like Dodge City to the dangerous and lawless town of Tombstone where he was sheriff. Sheriffs in the old west were often the only barrier for citizens from the other lawless gunslingers listed later on this list.

Wyatt Earp’s most famous gunfight was at the OK Corral in 1881. He, his brothers Virgil and Morgan, and close friend Doc Holliday battled a large group of cowboys that had been wanted for a string of stagecoach robberies. The small group of lawmen killed at least 3 of the outlaw cowboys despite all being shot with the exception of Wyatt Earp.


Later Earp and Holliday led a larger team of men on their ‘Vendetta Ride’ which managed to kill and revenge several additional members of the outlaw cowboy gang.


Billy The Kid


Billy The KidWilliam H. Bonney aka “Billy the Kid,” started his life of crime at a young age with horse stealing. As the line between good guys and bad guys was often blurry and changing, he was deputized for the Lincoln County War. A small band of gunmen with questionable character were ordered to hunt down and bring to justice a group of corrupt business men in the old west that organized the murder of a preeminent rancher and gunsmith. Following the Lincoln County War, Billy the Kid renamed the group the regulators and continued their killing spree against anyone that stood in their way including a sheriff and deputy.


After battling several law enforcement groups on a cross-country crime spree, he was captured, sentenced to death, and managed to escape in 1880 and 1881. The official story is that Sherrif Pat Garrett shot him to death while on the run in late 1881 but a popular myth supported by several modern movies is that he escaped the shootout with Garrett and managed to quietly live out his life in a quite Mexican town.


Bill Hickok


Bill HickokA legend among legends in the old west, Will Bill was a gambler, lawman, and of course a gunfighter. Many consider him one of the most technically skilled shooters of the 1800’s. Will Bill started building his reputation at a young age when he rode for the Pony Express and killed the outlaw David McCanles. The legend says he killed McCanles with a single shot from his revolver from a distance of 75 yards.

Wild Bill Hickok also showed no fear by routinely engaging in the classic quick-draw duel from close range. His first quick draw duel was in 1867 with Davis Tutt over a disputed gambling debt.


Ironically, Wild Bill Hickok’s lost his life while being shot in the back of the head while playing poker by Jack McCall. Hickok was holding a pair of Aces and Eights which have since become known as “Dead Man’s Hand.”


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Top Film Producers of All Times


It takes much efforts, time and money to be a successful producer. Generally, a producer is involved in a movie since the idea is developed to the moment the movie gets presented in front of the audiences. There are even cases when the producers have to use their money for pre production time. The directors and actors may get all the red carpet attention and love, but it is actually the financial involvement of the producer that actually helps to make a movie.

Here we will be listing some of the top movie producers of all times.

Walt Disney

When you look up the number of titles that Walt Disney has produced, you will be happy to know the whopping number of about 656 movies. That is actually what happens when there is a legacy left behind. Though he participated in various professional roles, Walt Disney is best known for his film production work, innovation in the theme park designs as well as creation of popular characters like Mickey Mouse. Disney has actually earned most number of nominations and awards unlike anyone else in history.

Robert Evans

Starting his career as an actor, Robert Evans was cast as Pedro Romero in adaption of The Sun Also Rises against wishes of Ava Gardner and Ernest Hemingway. He left acting as he was dissatisfied and not due to lack of talent. Then he became the head of Paramount as well as produced The Odd Couple, Rosemary’s Baby, Love Story, The Great Gatsby, Barefoot in the Park and The Italian Job. He still produces films like How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

Steven Spielberg

The name which is synonymous with superb filmmaking, Steven Spielberg’s work has actually helped a lot to define modern commercial blockbusters. He has even made innumerable top grossing, movies acclaimed by the critics and is one of the wealthiest producers in the world today.

Harvey Weinstein

harvey_weinsteinPopularly known for The Thin Blue Line, Sex, Shakespeare in Love, The Burning, Gangs of New York, Nine and Lies and Videotapes, Harvey Weinstein is more aggressive of the Weinstein brother duo- Harvey and Bob.

As mentioned, both brothers are creative forces behind Miramax as well as The Weinstein Company. Harvey earned the reputation for editing the Asian films in order to make them more viable. More outspoken than his brother Bob, Harvey came to help of Roman Polanski by the means of voicing disapproval of extradition of Polanski.

George Lucas

lucasWell known for his Star Wars as well as Indiana Jones, Lucas in his high school wanted to be a drag race car driver. Unfortunately his dream came to an end as he met a terrible accident. As it is said that when God closes one door he opens some other, this saying applied greatly to George Lucas’ life. Being worked with Spielberg, Lucas was nominated for 4 Oscars and was even declared as one of the most financially successful producers in America.

So, with amazing movies being produced by these top names, we are sure to get more spectacular works by producers like them and many others.


Halloween – The Spookiest Day of The Year


Halloween is believed to be the scariest night of the year on which people say that the spirits wander here and there freely. There are some people as well who say that the children can wander in the neighbourhood trick or treating and cause havoc. It is the one of the most dreadful as well as funniest day where you can have fun with your loved ones. Halloween has always been the time filled with magic, superstition and mystery.


Celebrated on 31st October, Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world. While it is highly popular in North America, it is actually celebrated all across the globe now. There are many stories attached to this day and so let’s discuss just a few of them here.

The myths associated

halloween_customesStingy Jack, as per the Irish myth made it his habit to play tricks on the Devil. As Jack died, God did not want him to be in heaven and so the devil being put off by his nasty tricks would claim Jack’s soul by sending him to roam on earth at night with just a burning coal for the light on the way. Jack then put the coal into a turnip and thus since that time he has been roaming on the earth. This myth was actually brought over by the Irish families fleeing potato famine in 1800s and thus as the turnips were tough to find in the US, pumpkins were the best substitute for these turnips. The pumpkins were used to guide the lose souls and to keep the evil spirits away.

Are Day of the Dead and Halloween the same?

Some people hold the opinion that Day of the Dead is just like Halloween. With its main focus on spooky items and death, it may seem to be similar but these two days are very different. Halloween is indeed much based on fear of spirits and dead but when we talk of the Day of the Dead, on this day, death is celebrated and embraced.

Celebrations and spending

Also, Americans buy more than $2 billion Halloween candies each year and they spend nearly $2.6 billion on the adult and children Halloween costumes. They even spend $300 million on dressing up the pets and $360 million on Halloween greeting cards and stuff.

Costumes culture

The Halloween costumes of earlier times were actually made to highlight the characters from the popular cultures. Most costumes were made at home only. In many cases, people used to make the costumes from the meek stuff like wires and newspapers. The popular costumes used in earlier times included Disney characters, cats, dogs, bats, Little Bo Peep and others. There were even fire fighter and policemen customers that were worn to represent some important figures of the society.

Spiders, black cats, bats are all symbols of Halloween due to their spooky nature, history and their link with the Wiccans. All these animals were believed to be familiar of the middle ages witches and are generally linked with bad omen.

So, with such details about Halloween, you may be able to celebrate the day with much fun and details now.

Achievements In Robotic Technology


Everyone loves a robot story and so whether the robots are smart, cuddly, intimidating or scary, they don’t fail to gain attention of all. These robots range from the older technology ones to completely new inventions and even the futuristic concepts which have not been made yet. So, let’s just take a look at the achievements in robotic industry and the most awesome robot advances of all times.

Robotics is basically the engineering technology and science of the robots as well as their design, application, structural disposition and manufacture. The field is somewhat related to mechanics, software and electronics. Robots are the automatically guided machines that are able to perform the tasks on their own, almost due to electronically programmed inputs. Another main trait of the robots is that through their movement or appearance, the robots generally convey the intention of their invention.

Here we bring some great robotic achievements for you.

Human consciousness robot

robotsAs the proficiency and innovation in robotic programming grows manifold, so does the need to create something which is almost like a human. Bina48 is the robot which is endowed with personality of a human being. Human Bina actually spend various hours with the robot Bina to have conversations and to upload the memories and traits to robot’s head. The project is work of Terasem Movement, the organization which seeks preventing finality of death through permitting the human beings to store consciousness in technology so that there it can live on forever.

Mobile Robot

The mobile robots are featured with the ability to move in their environment and thus they are not fixed to a single location. An instance of mobile robots that are in common use these days are the automated guided vehicles. These vehicles are the mobile robots which follow wires or markers in floor or use the lasers or vision.

Robotic weight loss coach

Losing weight is not a simple thing but it is more challenging when you do it on your own. The Autom, the big eyed robot is there to know everything about you and she helps as a weight loss robotic coach. She asks you questions about your daily food consumption and activities. Then she gives you some tips on how to stay and get healthy. Autom basically works on the philosophy that the humans are more likely to fulfil their goals when they have some friend or coach to keep them on track.

Tele-presence robot

Last but not least, the tele-presence or tele-existant robot lets you to see, feel and hear the environment even when you are physically far away. The tactile gloves and head mounted 3D screen work to transmit three senses, thereby giving users an unprecedented data that can be used for a wide variety of practical uses and applications.

So, these are a few advancements made in the field of robotics technology. Various other robots have been created as well that work different than the normal robots. These robotic achievements let us know the advancements we have made in the field of technology.

5 Beginner Juice Recipes

green juice_feature

Not all juice is created equal. There is the juice you buy in the grocery store from Tropicana or Minute Maid and then there is the freshly squeezed juice from a cold pressed juicer. Cold pressed juice is never heat pasteurized so it retains significantly more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes vs. its Tropicana brothers & sisters. The only real downsides of cold pressed juice are that it only lasts about 3 days and typically costs about double at retail. Luckily, you can DYI your juice by buying a home juicer. This will cut the cost by about 70% and make it much easier drink your small batches within this 3 day window. Now you just need a few tasty and simple recipes to get started. Here are five home runs.

Juice Recipe #1: Sweet Cucumber

green juice


  • 4 fist fulls of spinach
  • 2 medium cucumbers
  • 4 small Apples (fuji recommended)

Juice Recipe #2: Kale Pineapple Mint

green juice


  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 1 Apple (granny smith or other sour style apple)
  • ¼ of a fresh Pineapple (cut in strips and leave on the peel)
  • 3 kale leaves
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 1/2 a lemon (peeled)

Juice Recipe #3: Kale Apple Love

green juice


  • 3 Kale Leaves
  • 5 small Apples (Fuji recommended)
  • 1/2 Lemon

Juice Recipe #4: Spring Cooler

green juice


  • 1 Fuji Apple
  • 1 medium apple
  • 1 thumb sized piece of Ginger Root
  • 4 Mint leaves

Juice Recipe #5: Pineapple Jalapeno

green juice


  • ¼ of a fresh Pineapple (cut in strips and leave on the peel)
  • 4 Kale leaves
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 1 Jalapeno (remove seeds and membrane if too spicy)

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