• lucas

    Top Film Producers of All Times

    It takes much efforts, time and money to be a successful producer. Generally, a producer is involved in a movie since the idea is developed to the moment the movie [...]

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  • green juice_feature

    5 Beginner Juice Recipes

    Not all juice is created equal. There is the juice you buy in the grocery store from Tropicana or Minute Maid and then there is the freshly squeezed juice from [...]

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  • Best Jobs

    The Best Technical Careers

    The best high paying jobs outside of athlete and movie star typically are reserved for people with advanced degrees. However, if you are like the MAJORITY of Americans, you don’t [...]

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  • phobias

    World’s Weirdest Phobias

    Phobias are common and a lot of people suffer from one or the other kind of phobia these days. People generally have fear of various things and so, the fear [...]

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  • civil war

    Surprising Facts about the Civil War

    Most of the Americans believe that they know everything about this War between the States. But there are many things that are not known. Unveiling these facts will help you [...]

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  • FoodTrends

    5 Killer Food Trends

    The world’s obsession with food continues to grow so today we will highlight some of the big food trends in 2014. This list is a bit eclectic as people’s passion [...]

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Halloween – The Spookiest Day of The Year


Halloween is believed to be the scariest night of the year on which people say that the spirits wander here and there freely. There are some people as well who say that the children can wander in the neighbourhood trick or treating and cause havoc. It is the one of the most dreadful as well as funniest day where you [...]

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Achievements In Robotic Technology


Everyone loves a robot story and so whether the robots are smart, cuddly, intimidating or scary, they don’t fail to gain attention of all. These robots range from the older technology ones to completely new inventions and even the futuristic concepts which have not been made yet. So, let’s just take a look at the achievements in robotic industry and [...]

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5 Unknown Facts about Ancient Times

roman shopping mall_feature

Most of us think about Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, China, and other great empires of the past, the moment we hear ancient history. While it is true that these empires have a great history, there are many other interesting facts about the ancient world that has a tremendous influence on the daily life in the world today. Here [...]

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Are Secret Societies Running the World?

secret society_feature

Have you heard of secret societies? Do you believe they still exist in the world, controlling millions of us through shadow governments? If you are nodding a ‘yes’, then you have read Dan Brown or at least heard of “We Do”, the Stonecutters’ Song, from that episode of The Simpsons and perhaps if you’re a real lover of ancient history, [...]

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